“Mankind Is Damned”

By Dr. Abner Mality

They love their heavy metal in Greece. There, bands like Omen, Manilla Road and Helstar are conquering heroes and welcomed as such, whereas in the States those bands struggle to draw a crowd in three digits. So it’s no surprise that Hellas is the birthing place for a band like Saboter, who take inspiration from all those bands above and many more.

They hit the ground running and play classic 80’s power metal the right way with “Purifier” and “Assassins”. Fast but not thrashy, with regal riffs and a feeling of the power-paced NWOBHM. I compare the band to Liege Lord on tunes like these. They are not quite able to keep up that quality, though. “Prevailing Dictators” didn’t seem to have the same power and “Impaler”, while ticking the right boxes, just seems a little off. The vocals fit the 80’s power metal/NWOBHM style to a T, but are not always on target. Some of the choruses sound clunky, but that can probably be chalked up to language differences.

Fortunately things get back on track with the driving “Ghost In The Machine” and “Sacred Catalyst”. Final cut “Sands of Time” could have been more epic but is nothing to be ashamed of. Overall, if you’re one of those old school metal dogs who thrives on Manilla Road and Virgin Steele, Saboter is a band you can investigate further.