“Rapid Foray”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Some bands shouldn’t tinker with their sound. They should stick to what they do best. This is the lesson Running Wild has learned over the last decade. Comeback record “Shadowmaker” toyed with watered down hard rock, but the ship was righted with the follow up “Resilient”. If anything, “Rapid Foray” is an even more traditional Running Wild record. This has all the hallmarks of classic RW excursions like “Death or Glory” and “Port Royal”.

So you dirty swabs know what to expect on this voyage. “Black Skies Red Flag” is a good way to leave port, with that fast, exhilarating pirate metal that Cap’n Rolf has been known for…clean picking, a steady gallop and lusty singalong choruses. The first half of the album is almost flawless Running Wild. “Warmongers” is even faster and more aggressive than the opener…it hails back to Running Wild’s earliest days. “Stick To Your Guns” slows things down with a crunchy, catchy anthem that will get your fists pumping and head banging. Even though the sound of the album is extremely traditional and familiar, there is enough variety between the songs to keep things moving at a good and interesting clip.

The second half of the record dips just a little bit as the band gets very comfortable with its sound. We’ve heard songs almost exactly like “Black Bart” and “Blood Moon Rising” from these guys before. The album ending epic is expected and this time we get the 10 minute plus “Last of the Mohicans”. It has its moments, but for my money, “Calico Jack” will always be the best Running Wild epic. This runs a bit too long. 

But disappointments are few for those scurvy dogs who have followed Rock N’ Rolf’s career this long. This is Running Wild’s piratical power metal at its plundering best and their voyage shows no signs of ending anytime soon.