"Place of No Pity"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is the fourth album of Australia's Ruins and I've got to ask myself why this two-man outfit is not on the lips of black/death metal fans worldwide. "Place of No Pity" is a picture-perfect mixture of sludgy Celtic Frost rifferama, icy Norwegian BM dynamics and avant-garde weirdness. These three aspects are blended so masterfully by the band that it's hard to say where one style begins and the other ends.

Young bands, take note. This is how you put together a record with care and patience. The structure of the songs is painstakingly done and the placement of tracks is thought out with planning. The album starts with the frozen blast of "Inhabit the Twilight", segues beautifully into the brutal Frost-style riffs of "A Lesson In Ruthlessness" and then into the dark and almost Gothic sounding "Death Lends The Ultimate Touch". This is great stuff, but to feel the full effect of Ruins, lend your ears to "Oath" and the title track, both of which are extended epics where the band shows their strengths. Doominess, high velocity BM riffs like "Nemesis Divina" era Satyricon, primitive sludge riffing (with Tom Warrior-like vocals and "OOGHS" to spare) and finally creepy piano interludes and post-industrial dronescapes are all on display.

In the end, "Place of No Pity" is much like its cover art...a series of discrete horrors blended together to form a bigger and even more disturbing picture. Do not miss this record.