“Graves of Ceaseless Death”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Ah, now THIS is death metal! The kind that makes you feel like you are crawling through the catacombs on your hands and knees, inhaling the scent of those long dead. And then your lantern goes out…

With members also doing time in Incantation Disma and Goreaphobia, Ruinous know how to take you on a tour of the crypts. Their sound is massive, morbid and mind-mangling. I would say this is close to the sound Disma got on their debut album, only Ruinous use a lot more blasting speed. The guitar sound here is just dripping with ichor! And the vocals are more than a match for them! Matt Medeiros is a real beast, sounding super guttural and cadaverous on every track. This is the kind of morbid metal where atmosphere is part of the heaviness. The ultra-brutal tech-death bands and of course deathcore just don’t have this spooky feeling. Matt sounds like he just erupted from a moldering grave.

A good mixture of slow doomy grind and oppressive blasting aggression can be found on cuts like “Tombs of Blasphemy”, “Dragmarks” and “Plague Maiden”. Damn, even their song titles scream dedication to the crypts! I recommend “Procession of Ceaseless Sorrow” for those who love a lot of doom in their death.

The last month has seen an onslaught of gruesome death metal madness from the likes of Void Meditation Cult, Krypts and now Ruinous. Your funeral is about to begin!