“Hate Fanaticism”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here comes a sucker punch from Parts Unknown. I had no prior knowledge of Ruach Raah or their label War Arts Productions before getting “Hate Fanaticism”. These guys play that d-beat influenced kind of primitive black metal that I haven’t heard a lot of lately. It’s a blend of Celtic Frost/Hellhammer caveman riffing, barebones Darkthrone mayhem and the relentless forward momentum of crust punk. That’s the kind of stuff I’m a sucker for, even though this has got to be the easiest kind of metal to play.

“Hate Fanaticism” is pretty much the same song being done 10 times with minor alterations. But when that one song rocks like hell, I got no complaints. “Arsonist” lights the fire and illustrates that they’ve got the grim, basic production down to a science…the kind of production this kind of material calls out for. The songs are mostly pretty short, but “Convulsions”, “Kiss The Ring” and “Emperor of the Black” exhibit a more heaving and deliberate atmosphere. “In Hell Baptized” and “Black Flame of Satan” show the speedier, punkier, more d-beat side of Ruach Raah. I could envision many spiky-topped dudes jamming to this.

The masked terrorist look is as tired as a Willy Wonka meme on FB, but this primitive, ugly music retains a power to fascinate and hypnotize. Welcome Ruach Raah to the pantheon of “grimbeat” bands.