By Derelikt Waugh

  If you’ve been searching desperately for your feel good album of the summer, I’d highly advise you to turn around and run from The Royal Arch Blaspheme. Run quickly, little girl. This is not a band to be trifled with, nor listened to while under any sort of duress. Quite simply, this is the sound of Lucifer regurgitating last night’s sacrifice after suffering the consequences of a very wicked and reckless rum bender…while on a combination of downers and cocaine. There is nothing about the aptly titled, “II” that wants to play nicely, nor fit neatly into any silly sub genre categories one can think of. Plus, if you try to label it, this album will probably strangle you for even entertaining the idea.

  Alright, enough of my idiocy, let’s get down to brass tacks: if you really want an album full of blackened nihilism, plus some memorable, meaty sludge riffs and bowel-churning bass work, this is THE album for you. These ten songs (clocking in at about forty-two minutes) are oozing with enough primitive, menacing vibes to lay waste to an entire concert packed with death metal dinosaurs in the unrelenting time length of a single song. You won’t find any acoustic interludes, self-indulgent guitar solos, or keyboards of any kind. You will however, find a punk-like atmosphere of uncompromising terror, and a vocalist that sounds as though he’s in desperate need of an old time exorcism (if you believe in that sort of thing). In short, “II” is just plain filthy and Satanic; one of the most violent and vile albums I’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure of encountering in my lowly existence. I cannot recommend it enough!