By Octopi Mills

The new Rotting Christ fires up like an old satanic altar in granddads attic; fiery and electric, with praises and chanting that tower high to the dark lord on the great stage of life for both thespian and musician alike . The second song is just as intense and mighty, sounding like a ritual chamber exposed to the viewer by way of looking into a locked ceremonial chamber through a small keyhole. The next songs are no less atmospheric, with a metallic melody that Rotting Christ can proudly endorse alongside their heavier chords, and pounding drums. The drums create a sort of march and ritual backbone for some of the chanting here, making this album tie together indeed like the album title suggests. "Tou Thanatou" has a cinematic sort of flair, if not a classical one , despite it's metallic disposition. 

Throughout the album are many exotic layers here and there, and may take more than a listen to divest. The Greek influence always adds something to the music, though darkly, and Rotting Christ have always proven themselves in some way or another for many years, so I must sign off by saying that this is another record they have made that holds water. I have not said a lot of the record, nor went into a rant here, and this is, perhaps, a good thing.