“Abuse To Suffer”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Currently, the first and last word in grindcore is ROTTEN SOUND. OK, that’s technically two words, but you know what I mean. These Finnish maniacs just get heavier and more grueling with age…what they will sound like when they’re all 90 years old is frightening!

“Abuse To Suffer” simply gets everything right when it comes to pure grindcore. There’s no messing around with electronics, dissonance or tons of samples. It goes for the jugular with unbridled ferocity and a guitar sound that could pulverize concrete into dust. Not even Napalm Death can match that gnarly tone! 16 tracks here. Most are short, blazing blasts of infernal grind like “Lazy Asses”, “Crooked” and “The Clerk” but now and then, we get slower riff-monsters that truly GRIND devastating effect. “Time For the Fix”, “Yellow Pain” and “Inhumane Treatment” all kick off with those tank-like riffs and roll over you from there. Nasum knew how to do this, too, and Rotten Sound gladly picks up that gauntlet.

Last cut “Extortion and Blackmail” is almost 5 minutes long, starting with raging grind and then lurching into a dragging, repetitive riff that sticks in your skull.Eventually the whole tune crumbles and disintegrates into squalling static, as if the recording can no longer bear the strain put on it.

A roaring monolith of sonic destruction, “Abuse To Suffer” is what grindcore is all about!