"Ad Nauseum"

By Dr. Abner Mality

It's been so long since I've heard from The Rotted, I started to think the Brits had broken up. But no, here comes "Ad Nauseum" and it's more of the rancid stripped down punk/death the band is known for.

"Ad Nauseum" is a good listen but leaves no lasting impact. The music is basic and cut to the bone and while that gives it a certain satisfying bluntness, it also means the album lacks any true blow-away moments. The band is at its best when they add a lot of good old D-beat crunch to their gloomy death metal sound and that comes on cuts like "Rex Oblivione" and "Surrounded By Skulls", both of which sound like they could have come from the last Disfear album. There are some attempts to shake things up slightly...."Hammer of The Witches" adds keyboards to its lumbering mid-paced death stomp and "Put Me Out of Your Misery" is a rather dull doom instrumental to close things off on a duff note. But a lot of The Rotted is just angry, simple ass-kickers such as "The House of Bedlam" and the obviously Motorhead-influenced "Motorbastards".

There is little more to say about "Ad Nauseum". It falls into that great chasm of recorded music identified as "good but not great". If you got the money to make a lot of purchases, pick it up, but if things are thin, you might want to think about it.