By Dr. Abner Mality

I continue to be impressed with the quality of releases from Saturnal Records. Rodent Epoch may be their greatest find yet. 2018 has seen excellent releases from giants of the genre like Immortal and Marduk. Well, Rodent Epoch from Finland stands shoulder to shoulder with those titans.

“Rodentlord” is an eruption of vile and volcanic black metal that is just plain NASTY! It has that feeling of utter contempt that Marduk and Impaled Nazarene specialize in, but bearing Rodent Epoch’s own style. The production is clear but brutal and it’s obvious from the opening charge of “High On Hades” that these guys know how to write great riffs. There’s a black n roll feel to a lot of R.E.’s material and the songs have swing and groove. “Mayhem In The Court of God” is an orgy of sick, dirty riffing with so-called “singer” Caine Corax spitting out lyrics of utter blasphemy….this guy sounds like a pissed off troll who’s just had his treasure stolen. The final track “Funeral Master” is almost 10 minutes and you might think it would have atmospheric or melodic parts. No such luck! This fucker is flat out black metal insanity for its entire length.

The only real misstep here is “Red Heavens”, which tries for a cold, dissonant feel but winds up being just boring. So Rodent Epoch is not 100% perfect, but considering this is a debut, that’s OK. If you’re a maniac who wants to put a musical torch to the House of God, Rodent Epoch is for you. An amazing debut!