“Mach II”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Time to don the dirty leather and hit the dusty Outback with ROAD WARRIOR once more. I first encountered these motorized marauders with their debut record “Power”, which has a certain rough hewn charrm while not exactly blowing me away. Now we have the all important sophomore album…

ROAD WARRIOR have indeed advanced the second time around. They still favor medium-paced classic metal sounds, but they’re a bit more refined this time around and the songwriting is a bit more advanced. You can relax, though, as this can hardly be called progressive or “pretty” sounding. Bassist/vocalist Denimal (also in the quirky CAULDRON BLACK RAM) has really improved his singing...his voice is richer and cleaner throughout. The band’s music sounds like a merger of MANOWAR, SAVATAGE and TYGERS OF PAN TANG...ballsy, melodic, straightforward. Favorite tracks here are the spicy paced “Fox Devils Wild”, which is the fastest here by far, and the surging “Diamond Forge”, which has the coolest vocal lines of the album.

It’s a fun record all the way through, but as with “Power”, it doesn’t cross the threshold to the truly classic. It is a marked improvement, though, and shows this ROAD WARRIOR will be haunting the highways for a while yet.