By Dr. Abner Mality

Is there anybody out there who remembers the Australian band Black Alice? They were super obscure even back in the day but their album “Endangered Species” made an impression me with a peculiar mix of NWOBHM, early AC/DC and melodic hard rock.  Well, Road Warrior sounds like an updated and slightly heavier version of Black Alice.

Once I found out that Denimal from peculiar Aussie death metal band Cauldron Black Ram was involved with this, I began to relax. CBR is a quality band. Road Warrior is much more conventional than those guys, but there are some abrupt time changes and odd songwriting here. The music should appeal to anybody into stuff like Angelwitch, early Savatage and quirky metal of the very early 80’s. There’s no emphasis on speed…most of the tunes here are resolutely mid-paced and crunchy, with some raunchy rock n roll mixed in.  Honestly I can’t say that any track on “Power’ blew me through the door, but its solid enough and it grows on you.

This one recaptures not just the note-for-note sound of early metal but also some of the individuality that made the pioneers stand out.