“Oceans Into Their Graves”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I’ve always had a liking for Denmark’s Rising but the band is constantly plagued by line-up upheavals. Their third LP “Oceans Into Their Graves” emerges as something very different from their previous work, almost to the point where it doesn’t sound like the same band at all.

A lot of the rough sludge influences have been vacuumed out of their sound, leaving their material more angular and not as heavy as before. But there’s still something dark and grainy in their style. I really can’t think of a proper word to describe them now. It’s not sludge or death metal. It sounds nervous and choppy, with anxious sounding hooks and cleaner vocals over all. I hesitate to use the word “progressive” to describe it, either. But something original and unpredictable has crept into Rising and that’s nothing to sneeze at. They are striking out on a less traveled road.

There’s still some powerful, thick riffing to be found in “The Anger” and “The Death of Giants”. This is not a commercial record by any stretch, although “The Night” is the most melodic Rising song ever. It’s not as instant as the sludgy brutality of their old material, but worth exploring.

A strange, daring record. Maybe too daring.