“Snake Church”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Sweet sufferin’ catfish, does this thing RAGE! I don’t know how human beings can hold such anger without exploding like a plasma bag hit by a slug from a .350 Magnum.  You can feel  the intensity of this music like a heatwave from a forest fire. That makes sense when you realize the singer here is called the HUMAN FURNACE.

Mr. Furnace screams and rampages throughout the course of “Snake Church” with no let up, matching the output of his band. Pissed off angry roaring that obliterates most death metal vocalist…that’s a big part of what makes Ringworm so brutal. But the sheer crush of the music also adds to it. If you put Slayer, Pro-Pain and Hatebreed in a soufflé and baked it in the Human Furnace, that would be the sound of “Snake Church”. 12 tunes without mercy.  Some of it is a slower kind of pummeling, like “Shades of Blue” and “Destroy or Create”…most is flat-out thrashing speed with moshable riffs like “Innocent Blood” and “Angel of War”. No matter what the pace is, it all sounds rabid and fierce.

The last Ringworm album “Hammer of the Witch” was pretty vicious itself. Well, latch onto the charging rhino called “Snake Church” and prepare for a new level of intensity. This will flatten you!