By Dr. Abner Mality

This oddly named bunch hails from La Crosse, Wisconsin and are new to me.  They are rather unique in that they feature a husband and wife combination…Bryan Fleming drums and does lead vocals while wife Rebecca churns out the riffs on lead guitar. And they are as heavy as a hearse filled with concrete!

You can file Rig Time! Alongside super brutal hardcore bands such as Xibalba and the sadly departed Weekend Nachos. Short songs, an ultra sludgy and downtuned guitar sound, screaming vocals and a tank-like pace. The press sheet compares them to a tank brigade entering a besieged city and actually that is not far off.  You can play just about any song here…”War”, “Succumb”, “Blister”, etc and get the same result. It’s like a Doc Martens boot coming down on your face…brutal, stomping aggression.

Not a band if you’re looking for “progression” in music, but that’s OK. Rig Time! Concentrates on the brutality and delivers it. This is hardcore that’s beyond hard.