"Who's Got Mine?"

 By Dark Starr

Rhino Bucket is a decidedly AC/DC influenced act. In fact, AC/DC’s drummer Simon Wright was a member of the band. These guys do a good job of creating music that’s quite close to AC/DC’s early sound, but with some additional sounds included. The problem is, there’s just not enough variety from song to song to make the album really work as a whole. Each song, taken by itself, rocks. By the end of the whole listening experience, though, it really feels like one very long song. In fact, a number of tracks on the disc seem very close to one AC/DC track - “Gone Shooting.”  There are traces of some other influences present. "Who's Got Mine" has some Black Crowes roots-rock swagger mixed in. I also feel a kind of punk vibe throughout the album as well. But then, didn't early AC/DC have that same kind of feel to it?

With a little more variety these guys would rule the music world. I feel they can stretch themselves a bit farther than they've shown here. As it is, they’ve produced a lot of great songs that make for a good album, especially if you're in the mood for a no-frills rock and roll party.