"The Terror Threshold"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Many oldschool style death metal bands are naming themselves after adjectives recently...we've got LOATHSOME, HIDEOUS, HORRENDOUS and now REVOLTING, who have quickly unleashed their second CD "The Terror Threshold". This Razorback style stuff all revolving around old horror movies and comics is getting quite old hat, but since The Good Doctor has a fondness for those things, I can't find it in my black heart to slam Revolting, even though the well has run pretty dry for these bands.

With 17 songs here (no less than 7 coming from an unreleased EP), it's an overwhelming dose of creepy but catchy riffs, gruff and gory vocals and song titles such as "Grotesque Beyond Belief", "Harvest The Humans" and "Slimetime". One thing I do like about this CD are the short, sharp and eerie guitar solos popping up all over the place. It's not shredding type stuff but adds a nice touch of atmosphere. It's all pretty easy to digest and I'll take this kind of horror metal over goregrind any day of the week, but the bloom is off the corpse lily, so to speak. Buy if you're a rabid fanatic for anything on Razorback, Ibex Moon or any band with Rogga Johanson in it (and they are legion).