“Great is our Sin”

By Theron Moore

We’re not really breaking any new ground here.  But that doesn’t mean “Great is our Sin” is bad by any means.  It’s 11 tracks of super tight, well thought out, metal.  You can thrash to it.  You can pit to it.  But it doesn’t have that same retro feel that past records had.  Dare I say “Nu Thrash?”  They could definitely fill an opening slot on a Slipknot / Five Finger Death Punch bill that’s for sure.

“Arbiters of the Apocalypse” opens the record.  So far, so good.  Fast, thrashy and speedy but the vox are off.  Wait, what is that?  Melodic vocals?  Or should I say awkward melodic vocals?  Whatever it is it throws the song off.  Doesn’t work for me.  “Threatre of Horror” kicks in next.  Redemption!  This one has that classic retro thrash sound the Revocation boys won me over with a long time ago.  Killer.  

“Monolithic Ignorance.”  But now we’re back to the weird, awkward melodic vocal breaks again throughout this song.  Fuck is this?  It has a strange robotic tone at times.  I remember Anacrusis (showing my age here) did this with their records, which worked.  For Rev?  Hell no.  If we could avoid this, I could probably dig these guys a lot more.  I can’t get with a band that does the split between growly death metal vox transitioning into some kind of melody deal, throws the balance off big time.

“Crumbling Imperium.”  Hhhmmm.  Head scratcher.  Not my cup of tea.  The music is throwing me.  I get the sense they’re trying to create a vibe here but not hitting the mark.  Mid-tempo, double bass…. Passss….” Communion.”  Lots of odd musical breaks, grungy type thrash.  I’m not getting this.  What Revocation trying to do here?  Helstar did the same thing when they made “Nosferatu.”  They barely pulled it off.

I think we’ll stop here.  Long story short, this one’s a head scratcher.  It’s not bad metal, just too nu thrashy…too cleaned up and technical. Even at times too noodly, too proggy, (“Exaltation”) if that’s possible.  Too much wandering around in too many different metal territories for me to connect with.  Weak.  Meandering. Pass.