By Dr. Abner Mality

When a band shamelessly names itself after an Entombed song and then names their album after a song by pre-Entombed band Carnage, there's as much surprise about the contents of said album as there is in hearing a Catholic priest accused of pedophilia. Yes, indeed, "Deathevokation" is another attempt to return to the primal horror of ancient Swedish death metal. But there are two surprises here. One: Revel In Flesh is from Germany. Two: the album achieves its goal.

Dismember sadly called it quits last year. Well, "Deathevokation" could very well have passed for a new album from the Swedish giants. They are the predominant influence on Revel In Flesh, but the Germans manage to capture the difficult balance between all-out gut-munching brutality and unearthly melody that typified the best of Dismember. The song "Black Paled Elegy" has a splendid semi-melodic riff arise in the last third of the song that would bring tears to the eye of anybody who loved "Override of the Overture" from the classic Dismember album "Like An Ever-Flowing Stream". "Wings of Death" is a fast buzzing chainsaw ode to World War II kamikaze flyers, "Iron Coffin" has a more lumbering doomy approach, and album-ending "Subconscious Error" just plain grinds and blasts away in Stockholm style. With Revel In Flesh, the song titles are right, the production is right, the Seagrave-inspired cover is right and the roaring vocals are right. So it is hard for any lover to Swedish brutality to complain

Revel In Flesh is so much like Dismember, it can give you the creeps, but Dismember is no more. I'm glad the Germans have picked up the torch.