"Resurrection Kings"

By Colonel Angus

I have been waiting for quite a while for Craig Goldy to find a vehicle for his talents and I think Resurrection Kings is that band.  He has teamed up with Vinnie Appice, his old bandmate in Dio, and Chas West on vocals.  Rounding out the band is journeyman bassist Sean McNabb.  All of these guys have what it takes to make a good record but the songs on this self-titled release surpass my expectations.  All the tracks have that catchy and melodic chorus but maintain the heavy guitar riffs you would expect from a metal band.  Grab a listen to “Distant Prayer”, “Wash Away”, and “What You Take” and you will be humming the chorus for hours.  Elsewhere, “Falling For You” and “Had Enough” are more just straight ahead metal tunes.  It wouldn’t be a Frontiers release if it didn’t have the obligatory power ballad.  In this case it is “Never Say Goodbye” and although it is good, it is the weakest track on "Resurrection Kings".  That minor hiccup really doesn’t bring down the album as a whole and when playing it from start to finish, it somehow fits in.

Chas West does a great job throughout the disk.  He possesses a great set of pipes and he has lost none of his talent over the years.  Sean McNabb and Vinnie Appice have been doing this long enough that I would be shocked if they didn’t put in solid performances.  They are as solid a rhythm section as you could find.  All of this leads me to Craig Goldy.  As I mentioned earlier, Resurrection Kings seems to be the perfect band for him.  He shines throughout the record and he really is one of the unsung guitar heroes of 80s metal.  My only complaint is that West’s vocals are too up front in the mix and there are times when I think that overshadow Goldy’s playing.  Aside from that little issue, I think the production is nice and chunky which works for this type of metal.  Frontiers Records seems to be the home of a lot of bands that play metal but with healthy doses of melody.  That makes Resurrection Kings the perfect band for their roster. I know we have just started 2016 but this album might just make my top 10 for this year.  If you are like me and a fan of 80s melodic metal, then I think you will find Resurrections Kings very satisfying.