RESERVING DIRTNAPS “Another Disaster” 
ENTRY “Detriment”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Let’s dive into the world of punk and hardcore for a look at these two new bands.

RESERVING DIRTNAPS are about as heavy and brutal a hardcore band as I’ve clapped ears on recently. They hail from Memphis, TN, a city not especially known for heavy music. Perhaps they are trying to compensate, because “Another Disaster” is just massive. Huge slabs of mid-paced riffage with a very metallic production and crushing breakdowns. The band’s style could be described as CRO-MAGS meets AGNOSTIC FRONT, with the vocals in particular having that kind of constipated Roger Miret feel to them. “Another Disaster” is brief but potent, coming in at about 10 minutes or so, but it’s 10 minutes of pure hardcore rage. This is a band that could be something to reckon with.

ENTRY from L.A. don’t have the same sonic weight as RESERVING DIRTNAPS but they give up nothing in terms of pure punk fury. “Detriment” is unabashedly punk through and through, with vocalist Sara Gregory screaming her lungs out and sounding double pissed. It’s a longer effort than “Another Disaster” but not by much...they keep it sharp and concise. The production is raw and not all that “metal”, but that’s not what they’re going for. Tracks like “Not Your Decision” and “Secondary” ooze contempt. The last cut “Demons” slows things down effectively to a sinister crawl, showing ENTRY can work just as well in a slower mode.
Check these promising acts out, but be careful with what you pay...these are pretty much EP’s.