"Dawn of Reintoxication"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Sweden's REPUKED are pretty much the perfect band for the Covid-19 age. If you want to listen to this sickening chunk of audio offal, it's best to have plenty of hand sanitizer nearby  because you will feel the need to clean yourself often after hearing such charming odes as "Fucking Your Fucking Corpse", "Sewer Rain" and the tender ballad "Repulsive Erected and Anally Infected". It's also recommended to have a mask and probably a sick bag nearby as well.

REPUKED can be described as AUTOPSY performed through a Swedish death metal lens. Tunes have the characteristic chainsaw guitar sound, but there's a sloppy sickness to them that recalls the depths of AUTOPSY. If you enjoy those sounds, then this is a pretty safe bet for you and hours of stomach-churning enjoyment is guaranteed. The first couple of tunes are acceptable AUTOPSY worship, but when "Shitfister" and "Kick Fuck" hit, REPUKED is really blasting with fury. These two relatively brief tracks rip through you like a steaming Stihl chainsaw through a dead hog's carcass. A different side is shown with the doomy, massively crunchy "Retribution From Behind", where the band becomes a dead ringer for GRAVE's more crushing odes.

A surprise arises in the form of the title track, which is actually an 80's horror synth soundscape that's quite good and would probably get a nod from ZOMBI or John Carpenter. Classy and sophisticated REPUKED definitely is not, but they do know the value of mixing up their attack, which continues with killers like "Sewer Rain" and "Excursions Into Perversity". One mistake is the final cut "Morbid Obsessions", which just drags way too long and ends with pretty much four minutes of sheer noise. That's just plain crap and the band bit off more corpse gristle than they could chew there. I also must say that none of the 3 vocalists in the band equal the natural depravity of AUTOPSY's Chris Reifert.

If you want to dive into a death metal dumpster full of rot and feces, "Dawn of Reintoxication" can definitely be recommended. They deliver the goods. If you're not into that, well, why did you bother to read this far?