“Perennial Void Traverse”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Edged Circle Productions specializes in metal from Norway and they sure dredge up some odd bands. Inculter and Sepulcher were two warped thrashers on the label and now we have Reptilian. They are aptly named. There is something about their twisted music that slithers and crawls and brings a snake to mind. Is it death metal? I suppose you could say so, but of a very unorthodox and seldom heard kind.

Six lengthy tracks make up “Perennial Void Traverse” and they also follow the same pattern that mixes diseased sounding slow and heavy passages with unusual changes in time and bursts of speed that come at unexpected moments. As a result, listening to tunes like “Swamp” and “Phantasm” makes you queasy and kind of sea sick. There are parts that remind me of Gorguts and the old Norwegian band Cadaver. To be perfectly honest, I’m not a huge fan of what Reptilian sound like, yet I can respect their desire to do something different and off the wall. The tortured and rather phlegmy sounding vocals further make the band a difficult listen.

There are definitely moments of power, like the crushing fast parts of “Phantasm”, but not enough to put this bunch solidly in the win column for me.  They are unique, though, and worth keeping an eye on.