"Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response"

By Octopi Millls

It's hard to understand this one, but not outright impossible. On the one hand you have strange song titles like "Drunk on the Wizdom of Unicorn Semen" or "Healing the Chakras with Heavy Negative Wizard Metal", and on the other hand you have computer age metal wanting to be black and fun with a tightly squeezed production of fast, thin guitars that would spread well over animal crackers. Vocals resemble the guitars- thin, distorted, ridiculous and high.. 

Songs, thankfully are not long running and race the track like hot machines in a crash of a most  blinding fashion. Lyrics, if they exist as such at all, are not included here nor can they be found with some effort. Puns abound here and there and are not without self parody or with wit. There seems to be a video for the unicorn song at Prosthetic Records' Youtube channel that does nothing for an audience as traditionally understood by most. Guitars resemble guitar tab lessons and pull off hot licks like a young man trying to best his foes but fall short going anywhere . 

At the end you wonder if something like this is worth putting on vinyl and if it is a psyop or more likely a bad prank played by someone unable to achieve as others sometimes achieve. If you haven't heard this before, I would suggest you do yourself a favor and go spend time with an old friend instead who has a sense of humor.