“Machine Violence”

By Dr. Abner Mality

These guys work fast. At the rate our planet is going to hell, they need to. This band is the perfect accompaniment to the catastrophic mayhem that is the year 2020. Ultra-heavy pile-driving industrial metal that throbs and slams. A throwback to 90’s crushers like MEATHOOK SEED and SCORN.

Do not expect a vast and diverse sound palette here. REALIZE is not about that. It’s all about relentless pounding like OBITUARY playing MINISTRY riffs over a bed of abrasive samples and glitchy tech beats. The only song that really deviates is the final brief acoustic tune “Heavy Legs In the Mansion”. The rest is all along the lines of “Slag Pile”, “Disappear” and “Alone Against Flames”...pummeling thick riffs with plenty of distortion. The vocals are pretty much monochromatic angry shouts, with an occasional super-distorted electronic voice.

It’s all quite bleak, as is the intention. Stripped down and brutally efficient.  It does get quite samey but that’s part of the plan. I think REALIZE reflects the world pretty well right now.