By Dr. Abner Mality

This is 20 minutes of pure industrial pain. It's the perfect soundtrack for the sci-fi dystopia of viral-induced idiocy and social media generated uncivil war that we find ourselves in. It's heavy enough to cave in your chest cavity, robotic enough to seem like it's created by Skynet and noisy enough to make your eardrums melt. It's been a long time since I've heard a pure industrial metal beatdown like makes MINISTRY sound like HAIRCUT 100 by comparison.

It's no use differentiating between the 7 cuts on display here, as they all have the same characteristics. They are nasty, short and brutish, as a famous person once described life itself. Each song has Godzilla-sized lumbering riffs that are downtuned in the extreme, matched up with super monolithic and inhuman drum machine beats. On top of this foundation are undulating waves of pure noise that will set your teeth on edge. The vocals sound like a gorilla trying to read a manifesto.

This might sound like a negative review, but in fact, REALIZE have pretty much done everything they set out to do on "Demolition". I don't know if a full length of this kind of material can be listened to...they will need to put some quirks and curves into a longer effort or it will be unbearable. This is the kind of subhuman industrial metal we haven't heard since the earliest GODFLESH or maybe something like DRUG HONKEY.