“Force of Profanation”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Merciless black death rains down from the sky as RAVENCULT swoops in for the attack. This bloodthirsty mob from Greece has delivered a grim thrashing to your helpless flesh with “Force of Profanation”. I was disappointed in the last Desaster album, but these guys sound more like what I thought Desaster would be.

The only real problem with this is how monolithic it becomes by album’s end. Ravencult just doesn’t let up. Pretty much all of the 8 songs here are spewed forth at the same cyclonic pace, with the same brutal drumming. That tends to give this the feeling of one big track. But what a track it is. “Tormentor of Flesh” is a mix of old Germanic thrash with the blackened feel of a Marduk or Gorgoroth. The production is clean but savage, the vocals are violent but understandable.  “In MacabreTriumph” follows in much the same fashion and I detect the whiff of early Possessed on this one. The album is not at the level of a “Seven Churches” but it ain’t far off either.

You can drop the needle anywhere on “Force of Profanation” and be treated to “Merciless Reprisal”. I can’t give total thumbs up to something so derivative, but the meanness cuts through here. One to rage to!