By Theron Moore

First of all, I love the production on this record, it really brings out the band’s sound.  Second, I’ve heard comparisons between RAM and King Diamond and I disagree... hell, not even close!  Reviews that said the band is in the vein of Priest, Ozzy, Dio?  I’m sure they were influences but, again, nada.  RAM is straight up, fist pumping, head banging, old school heavy metal purity.  This is the band you’d likely see on USA’s “Night Flight” heavy metal show back in the day, I’d give RAM that distinction.

The sound, the vocals, everything about “Svbversvm” just rings of the bands that Noise International Records used to sign and promote; remember them from the 80’s / 90’s?  I’m getting pleasant flashbacks of Gamma Ray, Running Wild (“Jolly Roger” anyone?) and Helloween but no copy cats here, though I imagine Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray) smiles proudly upon RAM.

I’ve listened to their prior output which is more 80’s rocker / metal oriented.  Not that it’s bad, it isn’t. Rocker / metal?  Always good but “Svbversvm” takes the band to that next level of metallic joy, where you just wanna hear more “Svbversvm” like material.  Everything old is new, right?  Bands like Elm Street, Enforcer, Night Demon and now RAM.  RAM really set the stage for “Svbversvm” with their 2014 Metal Blade Records ep, “Under Command.” “Svbversvm” takes “Under Command” and elevates it by a factor of ten.

“Svbversvm” is a battle cry for ALL retro 80’s power rock bands with RAM leading the pack.  Take heed.  The flag has been set, the troops called forth, this record sets a new standard.  Talking to you, Elm Street, Enforcer, Night Demon.  Follow forth and conquer.  The second wave of retro metal is upon us and thy name is…RAM.