By Moon Beast

Ragnarok's new album "Psychopathology" fires off with the track "Dominance & Submission", which has a really nice heavy feel to it. Very fast and well executed on all fronts, and has that "old" Ragnarok sound in ways. "I Hate" is another one that was very enjoyable. It has a certain part that reminds me of bees buzzing in a chaotic nest. The band STILL sounds evil, even after all of these years. The spoken word parts are well done, and interesting to the ears.

Next up we have  "Psychopathology", which has some great original melodies. It has a majestic feel reminicent of Castlevania on the NES, in a cool way. It becomes more intricate and has extremely memorable riffs, as the song continues. They made this the title track for a reason for sure. A glowing song from the album. Next up is yet another good song, "My Creator". The cascading guitars are great. The overall sound of this album is polished but not too much to hinder what they have going on here.

"Infernal Majesty" is another interesting song, with a somewhat "astral" sound, if one was forced to describe it. The riffs  are hypnotic in a way that pulverizes your brain to dust. The lyrics on this song are also good. I forgot to mention the sound of the drums. These sound great. This song ended too quick! "Heretic", is one of the heaviest songs on the album. There are some very memorable and original moments on this tune, especially the melodies in the middle. Very good, and a highlight on the album. The drums on this album are great, and you can tell Ragnarok still has their shit together, so to speak.

"Into the Abyss" is another well done song. It has awesome complex guitars but still original and melodic in a good way. Another good one! "The Eight of the Seven Plagues" is an interesting song with some seriously heavy riffing and vocals. The song is chaotic in a sense in the beginning. This is another original and memorable song. The problem with some of these "other" older bands either completely stopped writing good songs, and moved to just not giving a shit. One could argue that some of those other bands are playing with their peckers where Ragnarok still has something to show after all of these years. This is real Norwegian black metal.

"Lies" is yet another good song. I am beginning to sound like a broken record here, but the cut was good all the way through. These tracks were well composed and thought out proper, which is very apparent to the listener. "Blood" is up next. Great guitar riffs and some cool leads throughout, and progresses to more chaos toward the end of the track. The final song is called "Where Dreams Go to Die". This is finely crafted. The leads are cool as shit and add quite a bit of emotion. The bottom line for this album is that it is good, and if you enjoy even just the early Ragnarok only I would still recommend checking this one out.