By Theron Moore

I used to live in Portland, OR. back in the late 90's.  The area often struck me of having this unkempt,  hippie, doom aesthetic to it depending on where you were in the city and what you were doing.  This is precisely the vibe I get with Rabbits and their new record "Untoward." 

The first two tracks, "Ever Mind" and "Pack Up Your Shit" have a noisy, modern day flair about them while tracks three and four "So Fake It's Real" and  "Reek and Ye Shall Find" reminded of Tad in all their glory during their "8 Way Santa" days.  Trust me, that's a huge compliment going out to Rabbits. 

"Untoward" is more sludge than doom.  Their sound is desolate and bleak with occasional twinges of  a post grunge Seattle sound;  Unsane meets Neurosis, Barkmarket meets Cutthroats 9;  toying with the genres of Noise and sludge, and never sounding faked or forced. 

I love real deal bands that nail a sound and a groove and Rabbits have done that with "Untowards."  Not a bad track on this record.  I highly recommend buying it as well as Cutthroats 9 and early Tad.  Rabbits are definitely a band to watch.