“Incantations of the Abyss”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The award for most esoteric and incomprehensible name goes to QRIXKUOR! At least for this week! What it means, I have no idea. How to say it, haven’t a clue. What kind of band they are…I got a good idea even before I hear a note.

Aaaand…it’s cavernous occult death metal! Bingo! I’ll bet these English cats either wear monks robes or have face masks or other strange objects obscuring their face. Apparently they have all black face masks ala Midnight and many other “obscure” bands. No surprise there, not in their music. Long, drawn out masses of raw and murky death metal, with barely discernible roaring vocals. Many bands have beaten Qrixkuor to the punch with this style, including Portal, Vasaeleth, Binah, etc. Now if you like this “abyssal” death metal without frills, this will be right up your blood-stained alley. I’m starting to get picky about this style, even though I appreciate it.

Buried within overlong tracks such as “Consecration of the Temple” (BOTH of them…there are two!) and “The Benign Architect” are some knee-buckling riffs and plenty of overall filthiness, but also a lot of monotony and “been there, done that”.  Aside from their name, there’s nothing particularly interesting about Qrixkuor.