"The Mother of Virtues"

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you're looking for something new and extremely noisy, here is Pyrrhon. This band is a hard one to review. On one hand, they are to be commended for trying to come up with something unique in the world of extreme metal. I've lately been heard to bemoan the amount of bands trying to recreate sounds of the past without doing anything new. Well, Pyrrhon certainly can't be accused of that. I've not heard anything quite like "The Mother of Virtues" before. The problem is, I don't really think its possible to digest it without getting nauseous.

Nausea might be one of the intended side effects of the band's music. They have taken dissonance to another level here. There isn't a single second of "straight" guitar tuning or typical sound to be heard on "Morther of Virtures". Everything is out of whack, raw, twisted and distorted. And I mean, DISTORTED. Past the usual down-tuned death metal sound we've become used to. The destructive cacophony here actually has more in common with early 90's noise rock acts than standard death metal. But imagine the worst moments of Sonic Youth used to play grindcore in the fashion of Pig Destroyer. There are tons of new bands focusing on dissonance as a musical weapon of mass destruction...Portal and Abyssal come to mind...but nobody's taken it as far as Pyrrhon.

It's too much for me. The opening moments of cuts such as "Balkanized" and "The Oracle of Nassau" are immensely powerful, like getting hit with a giant mudslide. The band often plays with speed, but slower and painfully crawling moments like "Sleeper Agent" and "Eternity In A Breath" also abound. Those are just as noisy and warped as the faster songs, if not more so. Add in a constant barrage of screaming vocals spitting forth what sounds like random nonsense and your bowels will really start to ache before this is all over. Trying to listen the 11 minute plus title track will make you long for the relative peace of a dentist's drill. Pyrrhon's sound is extreme, it is different, it is unlistenable in the long run.

New and different it is, but, to use an MMA phrase, I tap out. I think a lot of folks will.