"Edge of the Black"

By Dark Starr

This set should appeal to fans of progressive rock and fans of heavy metal. It clearly has elements of both. Ultimately, while no songs are purely metal, there is at least one song that is purely progressive rock. This is instrumental music with a real emphasis on the type of sounds done by the shredding guitar hero types. This "band" is actually just one guy, Kevin Estrella. 

You will find unusual combinations of the various sounds here. The opening "Blood Moon" has some proggy things along with almost Iron Maiden vibes. Of course, Maiden can get proggy at times, so perhaps that's not so unusual. "Nacht Waffen" includes spacey prog sounds merged with things that lean toward thrash. "Song of Light" calls to mind guitar gods like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. 

Other parts of the disc lean toward Rush, classical music and even shoegaze. All in all, the mix of sounds is diverse and always entertaining. If you dig metallic, guitar-dominated instrumental rock with a lot of prog texture in the mix, you really should check this out.