“To Spread The Flame of Ancients”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If there’s any country that can legitimately claim to have a death metal scene as sick and venerable as Sweden, it would be Finland. The Finns have upchucked many bands that sound like they clawed their way out of a tomb over the years. Among them is Purtenance, but this band hasn’t quite achieved the fame of the likes of Demigod or Convulse. 

If you’re the type who couldn’t get enough of Grave’s first two albums, you need to hear Purtenance. These guys sound so rotten and foul that even modern day Grave can’t touch them…and modern day Grave still kicks ass. The vocals come from the bowels of hell and there’s something utterly morbid about Purtenance’s combo of doom and scorching high velocity. “Invocatio” starts off with a shambling, lurching style of doom-death, but following track “Pevertio” kicks in hard with fierce speed. The resemblance to old Grave is uncanny, right down to the “death mumble” vocals.  The album really hits high gear with a clump of three epic tracks in its mid-section…”On the Far Side of Knowledge”, “Destroyed Human Mind” and “Blood Oath” all let Purtenance play with some more epic song structures.

AAARRGGHH! Originality is nowhere to be found…it’s almost shamefully absent…but all coffin creeps who lust for that indefinable sickness that can only be found in the truest death metal must experience “To Spread The Flame of Ancients”. Finland rules again!