By Theron Moore

Psycroptic often get lumped into the “technical death metal” category which doesn’t do them justice, certainly not on their new self-titled record.  These fellas can thrash it up or drop that ten ton wall of heavy at will and do so frequently on this disc.

The entire record is a nonstop moshfest reminiscent of what Sepultura was doing during their “Arise” period and although there’s a lot of technical guitar noodling Psycroptic keep it in check and never let that aspect of their music take away from the heavy thrash groove riding through each song.

For me personally the high point is track five, “Setting the Skies Ablaze” -- super heavy, super-fast, calling forth the spirit past of bands like D.R.I. and Verbal Abuse coupled with the heavy goodness of Psycroptic’s unique sound.“Psycroptic” ain’t death metal.  It’s pit commanding thrash.  It’s everything good that modern metal isn’t.  Buy this record for that alone.