"Smakk Valley"

By Rusty Coffinnails

Psychopunch is a Swedish punk rock-n-roll metal band founded in 1998 from Vasteras Sweden.Their style is kinda old school punk with a rock-n-roll feel to it. I pick up some Black Flag and even some Green Day and a dash of the Misfits going on in this stuff as well as some more main stream rock acts.

Speedy and catchy tracks are plentiful in this album, and it's all around fun to listen to. There are plenty of great riffs and good vocals with an 80s punk feel that does not get all political and anti establishment.

Psychopunch plays in a high energy style that is not to the point of being a total blur of speed yet is fast enough to keep your heart going. They even toss a slow one or two in to keep things interesting. Too many bands seem to play at one tempo that makes their entire album sound like one long ass song but not these guys. "Sitting by the Railroad" is a great example of the slow stuff they do, it is very enjoyable and reminds of some of the work by Everclear.

The first track called "Back of my Car" is my favorite. It's a speedy,fun song that just makes me giggle mostly due the the fact that I drive a hearse... must be my twisted scene of humor getting out!
If you are into rock-n-roll style punk and like something that is just fun to blast,  these guys are for you. Crank it up to ten or eleven and let the neighborhood enjoy them, too!