By Dr. Abner Mality

PROSCRIPTION is the latest project of death metal veteran Terry "Christbutcher" Clark and it's a good one. Clark's previous bands were EXCOMMUNION and MAVETH, both of which I enjoyed, especially MAVETH. With PROSCRIPTION, we have a band that's very dark, very intense and very epic. If you are looking for an established name to compare them to, IMMOLATION pops to mind immediately. Some of the tracks on "Conduit" could have easily popped up on the last few IMMOLATION albums. I don't say that in a disparaging way, because IMMOLATION is one of the giants in extreme metal.

After a somber intro that's almost cinematic, the band launches into a vicious attack that is driven by the relentless drumming of MK. This guy hits with high speed double bass in the tradition of Pete Sandoval and George Kollias and never lets up. It could be exhausting but PROSCRIPTION is a band that writes riffs that are fluid and majestic in the best tradition of IMMOLATION and NILE. There are Middle Eastern and classical melodies woven with the brutality, which become more pronounced as the album moves on. "Thy Black Nimbus Gate" is a good example and by the time the band reaches "Blessed Feast of Black Seth" and "To Reveal The Words Without Words", they are at their peak. Both of these songs have awesome Middle Eastern tones that would put NILE and MELECHESH to shame. The title track ends the album with a more compact and straightforward attack of pure death metal fury.

"Conduit" is a great first outing for PROSCRIPTION. The resemblance to IMMOLATION can't be denied, but there are sure a lot worse bands to use as inspiration. Sounds like Mr. Christbutcher has got himself another good one.