"Hypnotic Blood Art"    

By Dr. Abner Mality

Despite being around for 15 years and having 2 previous albums under their bullet belts, this is my first encounter with Ohio's PROSANCTUS INFERI. They're a pretty twisted sounding outfit that sounds like they might have come from the dawn of the 90's, when black and death metal were nebulously entwined with each other.

I'd say this leans a bit more to the death metal side of the fence, but there's a feeling of warped malevolence that makes it unique. The really odd quality here are the vocals, which have a ghostly, whispered sound to them, something like early BEHERIT. No deep growling at all here...this evil whispering has a vampiric feel to it. By the end of the album, it kind of wears on you, but points for sounding different. The production here is thin and dry, which is not necessarily a drawback. It reminds me of the old black/death demo tapes in the tape trading days. The songs are all in the four minute range and have riffs that slither in reptillian fashion. The first VITAL REMAINS album is a touchstone here. I like the way the songs are put together, but I think the album is about two songs too long. A bit of pruning would be desirable here.

As far as standout tracks go, I like the galloping pace of "The Fearful Pit" and "Blood Synod" has even more sickness that usual. But the quality of the tracks is generally pretty uniform. All in all, I'm not blown away by PROSANCTUS INFERI, but I can recommend them for their fairly unique approach.