“Zero Days”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Just read a news article where the supporters of a certain babbling political buffoon became offended when the Declaration of Independence was tweeted word for word on the 4th of July. These “American patriots” didn’t even recognize the words that created this country. Surely the “Zero Days” are upon us.

Prong is a fitting band to provide a soundtrack for these times. They’ve been one of the most dependable heavy bands for decades now, but never have they been more needed in these days of mass digital idiocy. Tommy Victor is up to the task. “Zero Days” takes everything that’s worked for Prong and pushes it just a little bit more. We’ve got 13 varied but recognizably Prong tracks here and every one of them works in its own way. There are raging fast tracks with thrash energy such as “Forced Into Tolerance”, “Operation of the Moral Law” and “Compulsive Future Projection”. There’s super-groovy and heavy tracks like “Blood Out of Stone”, “Interbeing” and the ultra low tuned “Self Righteous Indignation”. This last song is so heavy it could probably fall to the center of the Earth. And then there’s tunes that are hard but very accessible, like the excellent “The Whispers”. This is one of the catchiest Prong songs in a long career full of appealing tracks.

Throughout, Tommy sounds angry but focused. I think with “Zero Days”, we have the archetypal Prong album that the band has been heading for since their inception. So while society crumbles around us, at least we can count on these guys to deliver.