"Ruining Lives"

By Sgt Deth

Tommy Victor and company are back, and they are pulling no punches with their 10th full length studio CD. They are forging ahead in this very saturated metal market and keeping the thrash pit alive and well. This is a very original album for Prong, yet they are staying true to their type of music. Don’t let me scare you away right off, there are plenty of Prong-like riffs and solos and a couple tunes that will remind you of the "Cleansing" or "Beg to Differ" eras.

The whole production is thumping and well done as I would expect from any Prong release. There is no shortage of talent here. They are finally showcasing Tommy’s vocals again, like in the "Beg to Differ" days. Seems they finally mixed that in loud and clear, but does not over power the drums and guitar sound. His vocals just shake my speakers on almost every track. However, you will find a blend on the track “Windows Shut” for example. Tommy has a wide range of vocals on that one. It will go from modern mainstream metal crooning, then back to some punchy hardcore shouts.

Then, right in to the next track, “Remove, Separate Self”, which brings me back to the "Rude Awakening" days. There is a mix of punk, hardcore, thrash metal, and plain old rock and roll all through this. Then the track, “The Book of Change” that completely rips the roof off with its violent beats and awesome guitar work. It is refreshing to hear veterans like Prong come out with new sounding stuff, even after 10 albums.  It almost seems like they really want to bridge the gap between their old and newer fans, but without losing their overall sound. This is actually a very universal album that I can see a teenager all the way up to an old fogey like me enjoying.