“You Bastard!” EP

by Dr. Abner Mality

This Professor has a degree in metal and has proven it with many bands including High Spirits, Superchrist and Dawnbringer. I also recall him as a very testy writer for the old Metal Maniacs magazine…perhaps the title here is a wry jab at some of the reactions to his critical reviews.

At any rate, this is a 6 song EP of very straightforward, classic heavy metal much in the vein of his High Spirits project. Many of these tunes could have easily popped up on a HS release, especially the opening cut “When the Devil Walks Again”. The Professor knows to write simple, clean metal tunes with elemental hooks and melodies. And that’s what this is, no more and certainly no less.  “Stuck In the USA” reminds me of something that could have popped up on one of the early Diamondhead releases while “I’ve Had Enough” is probably the closest Prof. Black has ever come to AC/DC. The last two tracks “Closer To The Blade” and “Last Call” are the most overtly “metal”.

Black doesn’t clutter things up with unnecessary effects and tricks. His voice won’t threaten the giants of the genre yet are perfectly suited to the catchy vocal lines here. “You Bastard!” is a nice, unstuffy diversion from a very clever and prolific songwriter.