"Buried in Violence"

By Theron Moore

Wisconsin metal.  Love it.  At one time, many moons ago, some of the best Midwestern metal was coming out of Milwaukee at a frenetic pace.  And I mean the best.  Morta Skuld, Viogression, Acrophet, the list goes on. Add  Product of Hate to said list.  “Buried in Violence,” their new record, is the definition of metal destruction.  Kenosha WI must be proud. 

 “Buried in Violence” is a declaration of war on behalf of the band, 11 powerful tracks of hate fueled, angry metal equal parts classic thrash (think Pantera) and new blood ala Lamb of God with enough melody to satisfy even the staunchest of metal critics.  Did I mention that the legendary James Murphy (Death fame) mixed this record?  Another reason why it sounds so damn good.  

Product of Hate is a band with a lot going on from having toured with the likes of Meshuggah, Allegaeon, The Agonist, Chimaira, Gwar, Hatebreed, Job for A Cowboy to self-producing a pair of music videos with Special FX legend Robert Kurtzman (Director of Wishmaster, Creator of from Dusk till Dawn).  “Revolution of Destruction” is not just a song on “Buried in Violence,” it’s an apt description of Product of Hate itself.  Keep an eye out for this band, sounds like summer’s gonna be a busy one for them…