"The Final Revolution"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is kind of a tough one to swallow and a difficult release to review. I've been on the Pro-Pain train for many years now and was really hoping for them to break out after their superb album "End In Sight" back in 2008. Well, one thing's for sure..."The Final Revolution" is not "End In Sight".

This is very much back to basics for Pro-Pain and I'm sure that's the way they wanted it. This band does nothing by accident. "The Final Revolution" is in your face, very punk/hardcore influenced and hails back to their earliest albums. It hails back TOO MUCH to those old albums. It sounds like a regression, not a progression. On "End Of Sight", the band found a way to integrate a lot of cool melodies into their metallic hardcore sound. Those melodies are totally absent here and every thing sounds like Pro-Pain 101 with zero surprise. Long time guitarist Tom Klimchuck left the band for health reasons in 2011 and has been replaced by Adam Phillips. Perhaps the band wanted to show they can stick to their roots with Phillips aboard. Or maybe they just flat-out miss Klimchuck as a songwriter. In any case, "Final Revolution" is a move backwards, not forwards.

Despite that regression, Pro-Pain always remain both professional and pissed. If Klimchuck is missed on songwriting, his guitar playing isn't...Phillips is a fine player. And the anger of the band is more visible than ever...songs like "Want Some?", "Southbound" and "Mass Extinction" are flat out belligerence. If you don't care about Pro-Pain's progression as a band and are just looking for brute force music to pit to, "The Final Revolution" will satisfy because the intensity is pretty much constant, especially Gary Meskil's savage-as-ever snarls and growls.

But I was expecting a bit more. "The Final Revolution" is Pro-Pain by the numbers and while that's still better than other bands, it is definitely not up to the standards this band has set in the past.