"Green Naugahyde"

By Dark Starr

Love them or hate them, there’s not another band out there quite like Primus. They have a lot in common with Frank Zappa, but also share musical territory with acts like The Violent Femmes and Barenaked Ladies. The thing is, it’s amazing that music that’s this far left field and just plain "weird" can have such a groove. But groove it does, and frequently, on killer jams like "Tragedy's A Comin'"  and "Hennepin Crawler". As always, the bass is what drives the band and Les Claypool jus slaps his silly. "Last Salmon Man" and "Eye of the Squirrel" are two of the most awesome bass jams in the Primus catalog and that's saying a lot. Despite the crazy song titles and off the wall musical quirks, the band can be surprisingly accessible and easy to get into. "Eternal Consumption Engine" and "Lee Van Cleef" are hooky and delightfully catchy despite their strangeness.

Personally, I dig Primus, but it’s easy to see why some people don’t like them. Primus will never be a band for the masses. But, if you like Primus, you’ll love this album.