"Exile Among the Ruins"

by El Chief

Albums from Ireland's folk/black metal warriors Primordial should come with a warning label. It's inhumane to not be warned before dipping your diamond-tipped needle to the spinning orb of petroleum that you must be able to withstand an hour of adrenaline rush. Hopefully your heart is built to take the group's ninth studio effort "Exile Among the Ruins" because it's worth every second of your time.

To say that Primordial understands epic metal is to say that McDonald's sells a few hamburgers. From the church bell peal that launches "Nail Their Tongues" to the fade of "Last Call," your life will become a thousand times more…well, epic. If your job is to sit in an office then you'll pound the computer keys with the surety of soldiers marching to rescue a stolen queen, and if you fluff your pillow before falling to sleep, your fists will fly with the force of Thor's hammer. 

I've heard some say the Primoridal is losing their touch and that their long arrangements lack dexterity. The latter critique is warranted only in that Primordial is not interested in the typical showmanship hallmarking other legendary warrior outfits like Led Zeppelin or the bombastic punch of Amon Amarth. But Primordial gets that slow burns are as effective as a heavyweight working the body of his opponent. That is to say there are no knockout punches thrown in the group's ninth long-play, but you will be vanquished nonetheless.