"Where Greater Men Have Fallen"

by Octopi Mills

This is the new album from Irish metal folks Primordial and for those of you new to them, they have been around for a while and made a lot of albums. The title track starts off with a good and classic metal force with some passionate playing and spirited vocals and there is a pagan feel that is like epic era Bathory. There is no real way to describe their style of music I can find, other than that it is original in itself and has a strong classic metal feel with other elements that is their own, though at some times it carries a hint of other modern post metal bands in the melody. Moody and bleak at times, with slow and grey melodic sensibilities, the songs are built like ever rising and crashing tides, mythological lyrics and titles are apparent as in much of all metal. Much of the same sounds and tones are employed, as with the vocal style, giving the overall sound a album feel; and as such, a certain continuum is reached. 

There are moments that almost drag and over stew themselves , though its hard to say much when the man hollers and bellows with the passion of a lone stray wolf-hound in the hills. "Born to Night" builds with a medieval sort of strumming and turns into a powerful song towards the end of the affair, carrying the stormy might of wind and sail. The cover art is fitting for the overall mood and their is something Irish that carries through the structure of the recording, as if there is an island surrounded by seas. The final song does not stray far from the others and ties off nicely to what has gone before. I would wager that Primordial would be good in a pub setting with a few pints and this music is better than most of the others in the metal genre of the current standards.