By Dr. Abner Mality

How much is too much? How heavy is too heavy? How negative can music get before it collapses under its own weight? Pick up “Caustic” and you will find the answers to all these questions.

I have a pretty good track record in MMA (Massive Metal Arts) but Primitive Man makes me tap out in surrender. To call “Caustic” monolithic is not enough…it is pulverizing noisy doom pushed past all boundaries of endurance. I know what these guys are trying to do and in many ways, they succeed, but is it really success when you create something too hateful and monotonous to listen to? That’s an interesting philosophical question.

One thing’s for sure…having every song start with squealing feedback gets old really fucking fast. I get it. Things start with the merciless punishing crush of “My Will” and it gets steadily worse from there. This is beyond sludge. Your will will be tested here. It’s the really long songs like “Commerce”, “Disfigured” and “Inevitable” that put you past the breaking point and enter the realm of “this is not music any more”. After this exhaustion, things wind down with “Absolutes”, nine minutes of squeaking, scratching and squealing that act as anything but a cool down.

How heavy is “Caustic”? It makes the new record from With The Dead sound cheery in comparison. It is quite honestly past the point of any kind of enjoyment for me, but if you wanna test yourself, be my guest.