PRIMATE "Draw Back A Stump"

DESALMADO "Desalmado"

By Dr. Abner Mality

You can tell the difference between a "fun" grindcore project created to let off some steam and the real thing, created by a band that lives and breathes outrage every day of their lives. There's not much problem telling who is who when you compare these bands.

Primate has Mastodon's Bill Kelliher on guitar, Brutal Truth's Kevin Sharp on vocals and a bunch of notable sludge/punk warriors filling the gaps. "Draw Back A Stump" is a cruel and vicious album title, but doesn't really live up to the visceral image it creates. Compared to the apocalyptic anguish of Sharp's Brutal Truth, Primate is a walk in the park. It's a much rougher beast than what Mastodon is up to these days, but when I think of grindcore, it's stuff like Insect Warfare, Phobia...and Brazil's fast rising Desalmado. Raw, crude, primitive and stinking of dangerous intent. Primate is fun to listen to and experiments with almost Zeke like rock n' roll on "Drinking and Driving" in addition to Disfear-worship such as "Pride", but it has little of the true menace that the Brazillians attack you with. On their self-titled debut, Desalmado rumbles through 15 cuts of caveman-like rage, sometimes blasting you, other times relying on skanking d-beats, occasionally just hitting you over the head with a hardcore club. Nothing sounds over-analyzed or too thought out...the original essence of grind.

It may be that Primate wasn't even aiming to do a grind album, but since that term
is used freely in the press, well, I'm gonna take it seriously. For those looking for something hard and heavier than most metal, but not too chaotic, "Draw Back A Stump" will work. But if you really want to get maimed and torn, Desalmado is the better  choice by far.