By Colonel Angus

Here is a band that keeps moving forward in their own little genre.  Primal Fear started as a band that took Judas Priest’s "Painkiller" and used that as a template to make their records.  Their early output was really good but not very original.  With each passing year and release, they have been coming into their own with albums that still have that Priest influence but are increasing sounding like Primal Fear.  What I mean by that is that now when I hear a track by them, it is instantly recognizable.  Part of that has to do with Ralf Scheepers vocals.  He is one of the best metal screamers out there and his voice is now synonymous with Primal Fear.  If you enjoyed "New Religion" and "16.6" (Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead), then "Unbreakable" will definitely part of your playlist for months to come.

For those of you that don’t know Primal Fear, then "Unbreakable" is a good place to start.  The band has consisted of Scheepers and bassist Mat Sinner along with a number of different guitar players and drummers.  Magnus Karlsson and Alex Beyrodt feature on guitar on this release and they do a great job.  They come up with some great riffs and the solos fit the tracks perfectly.  Just listen to the soloing on “Where Angels Die” and you’ll see what I mean.  Drummer Randy Black puts in a great performance also.  He is able to go from power metal drumming to a more traditional metal beat and everything in between.  The band has always been a solid unit and the performances of all the guys on Unbreakable keeps the quality at that high level.

All of this means nothing is the songs are not good.  Put the best musicians on a track but if the song sucks, the song sucks.  It doesn’t matter who sings it or who plays guitar on it.  Like I mentioned early, Primal Fear is coming into their own which means that we get a lot more of their style and less other band’s.  Sure, they will have their influences there like the Dio-esque “Strike” and the Judas Priest-like title cut "Unbreakable (Part 2)".  And don’t be fooled into thinking that the band put all the good stuff at the beginning of the disk.  Songs like “Blaze Of Glory” and “Conviction” are just as good as the tune earlier on the album.  This is a solid release from a band that in my opinion gets better with each record.

Frontiers Records has got a winner on their hands.  They have been releasing Primal Fear’s material since "New Religion" and this one fits nicely as some of the band’s best work.  If you have never heard of Primal Fear, then I suggest getting Unbreakable along with their last 2 records.  Honestly, you can get the whole catalogue but you may find this later material more unique and satisfying.