By Dr. Abner Mality

This black metal terror squad from Milwaukee continues to evolve and focus its sound. “Depredation” is such a strong blast of blazing darkness that it’s kind of unfathomable to me that they are not fully signed to a label (although Dread Records is handling the cassette release). 

As on their last album “As Rats Devour Lions”, things get moving with a song that owes just as much to thrash metal as black metal. “Sacrificed the Honored Dead” starts with thrashiness but it isn’t long before the complex and twisting treble guitar riffs of Rory Heikkala assert themselves. One thing I definitely notice is that Luka’s vocals this time are all straight black metal rasping, with little of the growling death metal outbursts of previous efforts. It gives me a sore throat just listening to him.

PREZIR is a band that is pretty much fast all the time. They rarely drop their pace below tornado intensity, but their complex riffs and melodies keep things from getting dull and monolithic. Although by the time the last and longest track “Peasantry Messiah” finishes up, you are liable to be pretty exhausted. Other highlights on the album include the somewhat more death metallish “Deprivation Doctrine” and “The Falcon and the Lionheart”, which begins with some truly twisted, sick sounding guitar hooks.

I cannot imagine that “Depredation” won’t wind up getting these maniacs signed to a proper label, hopefully one that will realize what they’ve got on their hands.